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Monday, May 23, 2011

What more could you want? Fashion + Cigarettes = **FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**

Metropolis & mythology: Morfium Couture

Morfium is a noteworthy fashion label expressing its creative concept of progressive design through numerous visual arts and media like photography, theatre, movies and music sources. Morfium as the name of the brand also has a rich explanation starting from the mythological Morpheas, the messenger appearing in the dreams as well as a variety of inspirations taken from Balkan traditions.

The latest collection of Morfium Couture is named after and simultaneously inspired by "Metropolis", the science fiction masterpiece about urban dystopia. The movie was a truly futuristic indicator directed by German expressionist Fritz Lang in 1927. The ad campaign captured in the lens of talented photographer Dusan Jaukovic explores explicit and cutting edge designs rendering the movie convention in high fashion mode.

YSL Cigarettes... Ohh la la
YSL cigarettes, if you weren't aware, are a licensed product meaning the fashion house that is Yves Saint Laurent isn't directly involved in manufacturing them. But so often it's the case that licensed products don't receive the same care and attention as their 'in-house' counterparts, and for a long time that was the case with YSL's cigarettes. Frankly, matters of health aside, their previous packaging made them no better or no worse then the competition. And if you're willing to pay extra for the name, you ought to at least have packaging worth the mark up.

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