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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shannon Kane reveals her Big Nights in FASHION **FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**

Recently ran into actress Shannon Kane, the new house hold name in Hollywood, to see what she had to say about her breakout fashion on the red carpet this past year and her up and coming dress for her next premiere. Her new movie "The Collection", a horror flick, directed by Marcus Dunstan one of the writer of "SAW" will be released around Halloween this year. This is what she had to say:

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**: Describe this moment here from the Venice Italy Film Festival for Brooklyn's Finest?

Shannon: This night at the Venice Film Festival was the largest press line I've ever been in. I remember walking out to the biggest red carpet I had ever seen and everyone started speaking in italian "Kisses kisses Shannon Shannon blow me a kiss blow us a kiss" so I gave them what they wanted. Hahaha. That night I was wearing  a dress by Karen Millen   and Karen Millen shoes and the diamonds were given to me by a designer in Venice Italy.

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**: Where did you get the dress?

Shannon: Karen Millen  New York

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**: Soho?

Shannon: Yeah

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**: Did you keep the diamonds? Lol.

Shannon: Yes Shhh. No really I don't usually wear diamonds unless its for a big event. No need to keep them, once they've been photographed they can not be worn again. 

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**: You look absolutely amazing in this picture I can say. What was the moment like and what  inspired this gorgeous look?

Shannon: This picture was taken at my first movie premiere ever Brooklyn's Finest. Moments after RIPPING my plan A dress. I was planning on wearing a fuchsia mermaid style dress and as I was walking out of the hotel my mother stepped on the train and it ripped at the seams so I ran up to get my plan B dress which was also my after party dress.

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**: Who was the hand bag by?

Shannon : Dain H. Mischelle. Its made from alligator skin and  actually named after me for this night by him. 

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**: What was peoples reaction that night to your dress?

Shannon: That dress ended up being a hit. It was the dress that I should have worn so everything worked out for me. Can't have my dress ripping on the red carpet.

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**: Yeah Beyonce got booed because she didn't stay in the press line long enough. Reason her dress was to tight. So that could have happened to you too.

Shannon: Exactly 

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**: Comfort is the best thing right?

Shannon: It is. My stylist doesn't think so but I think it is. He thinks the press line is part of my acting and I should always doing my job. Pain is beauty. No pain No gain.

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**:  What was this award for and who designed this look for you?

Shannon: This is the most memorable night in my career. I accepted breakout actress award of 2009 Capri International Hollywood Film Festival in Italy. This was taken shortly after my acceptance speech and receiving my award. This night my stylist was not around so I found this dress at BCBG in Italy and I wore it that night. I had to wear long sleeve cause I knew it would be cold. It turned out to be a nice classy look.

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**: Is being classy always your taste? It seems like that's what you go for in your looks?

Shannon: Yeah I like to always be able to mix it up. But ultimately no matter what I mix it up with I make sure what I'm wearing it is tasteful and of class.

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**: This cover amongst many others was hilarious to us Madea fans. Your shown here at the lower corner giving some attitude and a whole lot of style. I know Tyler got the money to invest in an up and coming star what were you wearing?

Shannon: Here on the cover I'm wearing the side neck tie dress by Ralph Lauren Black Label amongst many other designers I wore Christian Dior, Gucci, Alexander McQueen to name a few. Since I was playing a high strung rich b@#ch I got to sport some of the highest fashions in the industry right now.

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**: Looking stunning in this image hair and all. Why the change in style? I love it.

Shannon: This is the night of the my Madea's Big Happy Family Premiere. It took weeks for me to find the appropriate dress to wear because I knew I didn't want to wear the same color, the same style of my other dresses previously. So I picked a dresses that I wouldn't necessarily wear or wouldn't be my first option but it ended up looking nice. So I ended up sporting a dress by Mandalay.

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**: What was the idea behind your hair style? Its always on point never to much. I like that.

Shannon: I asked my team to give me a natural look something romantic  and timeless. It was pinned back in a side bun and one side was double french braided, the other was a swoop to the front.

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**:  Do you have any ideas on what you're going to wear for you next premiere? You've kind of thrown different colors around for last few premiere. Are you going to do black? Or that sparkly stuff, whats that stuff called?

Shannon: Sequins?

**FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**: Yes. Is sequins the next thing? Hahaha

Shannon: Sequins is not in my future. For my next premiere I would like to actually stay away from black I mean I like to be classy but not to conservative. So I'm thinking my next dress will be something new and something that will keep my fans and followers guessing on what I will wear next. As far as designers I don't have any in mind yet but as always I'll leave that to my stylist.

 You can catch Shannon Kane in the latest Vibe magazine and Source magazine on news stands everywhere.      **FLaVoR YOu cAn TASTE**

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