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Thursday, May 12, 2011

**FlaVor YOu cAn TASTE** Taught me...

Digital light painting is the technique that can turn a dull image into an amazing and vibrant work of art that conveys a sense of movement and energy. This effect nearly always works well on subjects that are stationary or static but can be very difficult to produce on animated subjects such as people. It does take a very skilled hand to digitally paint a person with light, this is were Tony Ariawan comes in and excels.
Tony is a freelance digital artist and graphic designer based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He didn't attend any graphic-design school, he actually started out as an autodidact, the slower and difficult process of self-learning. He sites his influences from the beauty of the woman, light and color. He loves to experiment with many differnet styles of graphic design. Not allowing his lack of formal training get in the way, he now serves clients from all around the world, using his undoubted natural talent and dedication to learning new techniques.
In this post we are going to focus on his amazing and inspirational Light Paintings.                            

If you would like to take your simple photo's and turn them into a piece of art please view the link below. Use only simple photoshop tools and become an inspired artist over night.  That's FLaVor...                        **FlaVor YOu cAn TASTE**

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